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CONFESSION: (not so) guilty pleasure

CONFESSION: (not so) guilty pleasure

I’m a fan of the show, The Sing-Off  icon smile CONFESSION: (not so) guilty pleasure

(don’t judge)

And I’m a HUGE fan of the group, Pentatonix, the smallest and certainly one of the youngest groups competing this year.

Chances are, unless you’re a music geek, like me and/or a fan of singing shows or acapella music, in general – you’ve probably never heard of them, but I kiiiind of have a feeling you will! Or, at the very least, a lot more people will be hearing about them soon enough.

They’re good! Like, really good. Martha focking, ridiculously, GOOD. And, they just won Season 3 of The Sing-Off (oh, and I totally called it after their first performance. So, clearly I know what I’m talking about) icon wink CONFESSION: (not so) guilty pleasure

Pentatonix delivered an entire season of one, stellar, made-me-chair-dance-every-week-performances after another, and I’d seriously buy their tomorrow. Pff… I WISH they *would* drop an album tomorrow. I can’t wait hear what they’re going to do next.

The group started with three high school friends from Texas, Scott Hoying, Mitch Grassi, and Kirstin Maldonado. The trio arranged their first song, Telephone, together for a local radio contest, which ended-up creating a bit of a buzz and fueled their dreams of a musical fairy tale. So, they started looking around for more opportunities

Thus began their Sing-Off adventure!

Of course, I can’t forget their, sent-like-manna-from-heaven, enlightened decision to add the talents of (baaaadaaaas) bass, Avi Kaplan and the sickest vocal percussionist you will EVER hear and YouTube sensation in his own right, Kevin Olusola, to their trio and complete the group we now (or soon WILL) know as, Pentatonix.

And this my friends, this mystical equation – 1 powerhouse-trio of vocal talent  +  a badass beats-n-bass duo =  a magical recipe for delicious, dub-step-y, awesome-pella.

PLUS (as if you needed another reason to heart these über-talented, fellow Texans), they also volunteer their time with The Trevor Project. Awesome!

So, even if you don’t LIKE a Capella… or if you don’t *think* you like a Capella music, listen to this shi’, yo! Seriously. Spark up. Plug in. Turn ‘em up. icon wink CONFESSION: (not so) guilty pleasure


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